Cotient is a prestigious Annual Photographic Award open
to any photographer (professional or amateur) using any
equipment. Whoever you are, if you have a single superb
photograph or a whole collection of incredible images –
sign up and enter them and let your fellow photographers
judge your skills.

We proved the platform and prizes, our members provide
the images, the votes and the winners


Cotient is open to everyone of any skill level and
whether you are amateur or professional.
If you are under 18, we will require permission
from your parent or guardian.


Cotient Membership is entirely FREE and offers
you 4 competition entries of our 10 categories.
Each individual image may be included in up to 4 relevant categories.
On top of the 4 FREE entires you may enter as many times as you wish
there is a small charge of £2.99 per additional image.
Each entry must be titled and described.

All photographs entered into the Cotient World Photographic Awards
must be owned by the person entering them.

Images may have been shot at any time,
not just during the year of the competition
so if you have some archived favourites,
now’s the time to dig them out and make them work for you!


Cotient FREE Membership offers you 8 votes.

Additional entries come with another 4 votes each.
Once votes have been made they may only be changed
within the 3-month quarter in which they were
originally used.
The only person you cannot
vote for is yourself!


If you think someone’s image is outstanding, but you
don’t wish to vote for it, you may add a comment
or like it to show you appreciate their work.


Cotient is entirely device-neutral - whatever you
shoot on: film or digital, phone or camera,
polaroid or pinhole - you can join in the fun.


Our awards are called ‘Cotient’ which is derived from the combination of two words that we think best describe the attributes of every successful photographer:


The ability to share ideas, concepts and information.


The ability to perceive and feel.

Stephen Rush

[email protected]

COTIENT WORLD PHOTOGRAPHIC AWARDS has been founded and funded by three friends – all with an active interest in stills photography, and an ambition to reward the skills of the very best.

John McCartney

[email protected]

Our simple concept is to create a Prestigious Photographic Award that excludes no-one and has winners decided by the participants.

Our ambition is to create a site that grows and develops with ideas from the people that use it. Please send us your suggestions and comments on any aspect of what we are doing, and we will try and alter Cotient into what you want it to be. Cotient is your opportunity to share THAT image with the rest of the world.

Stuart Clark

[email protected]